Month: January 2022

Partial zone transfer (IXFR)
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What is Partial zone transfer (IXFR)?

The Partial zone transfer (IXFR) is an exciting process, which in some cases it is very valuable. So, let’s explain a little bit more about it.

Zone transfer – definition

The zone transfer process includes duplicating the DNS data with all of the DNS records from the Primary DNS zone to the Secondary DNS zones. Thanks to it, you could create copies of all of your DNS data into one or several name servers. That way, you improve the availability of your domain name. In addition, you make sure that even if one of the name servers is down for some reason, your website is still going to be reachable for your clients. Besides, if you own an international website, the DNS resolution process is going to be quicker, for sure. The reason for that is the DNS data is going to be stored in more than one point of presence (PoP).

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